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Aug '12 06

IBL Playoffs: Rimini and San Marino reach Italian Series

T&A San Marino and Telemarket Rimini have reached the Italian Baseball Series, battling for the championship in the Italian Baseball League. San Marino had no trouble with Unipol Bologna in the last week of the semi-final round robin, winning all three games to finish at the top of the standings. Danesi Nettuno, which had led the playoffs prior to Wednesday, lost two of three to Rimini and dropped to third place due to the head-to-head record against the Pirates.

Results Playoffs Week 3:
Wednesday, August 1:
San Marino – Bologna 8-0
Nettuno – Rimini 2-4
Friday, August 3:
Bologna – San Marino 5-6
Rimini – Nettuno 1-0
Saturday, August 4:
Bologna – San Marino 2-5
Rimini – Nettuno 1-4


  1. San Marino 6-3
  2. Rimini 5-4
  3. Nettuno 5-4
  4. Bologna 2-7

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