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Feb '11 25

IBAF Baseball Newsletter No. 7

Press Release International Baseball Federation (IBAF), www.ibaf.org

Mizuno Chairman Visits Rome
IBAF President Riccardo Fraccari and Mizuno Corporation Chairman Masato Mizuno met in Rome, Italy February 7th. The meeting allowed President Fraccari to outline the developments within IBAF over the last year and the plans for the future of the organization and the international game. The pair also discussed the need to continue cooperating to better serve the international baseball community and develop baseball across the world.

Masato Mizuno is an active member of the Olympic family, and stands on the sports and environment commission, which looks to promote greener events and ensure sustainable practices in the field of event management.

The Mizuno Corporation has been a long time sponsor of the IBAF and the visit also allowed President Fraccari to thank Mr. Mizuno for the support over the years his organization has provided the international game of baseball and the IBAF.

Olympic Reinstatement Commission to meet in San Marino
San Marino, the world’s oldest republic situated in north eastern Italy will play host to the IBAF’s inaugural Olympic Reinstatement Commission (ORC) meeting February 26th. The event will be hosted with the support of the Olympic Committee of San Marino and will allow the organization to introduce the members of the commission tasked with bringing baseball back into the Olympic Games as a medal sport. 1st Vice President Kazuhiro Tawa of Japan and 3rd Vice President Antonio Castro of Cuba will both attend the event along with President Fraccari and Executive Director Fabbricini.

Tournament Update
Team Registrations for the inaugural IBAF 12U Baseball World Championship are also open to national federations at the current time. Interested federations should contact the IBAF as soon as possible with questions at ibaf.office@ibaf.org. Link

The IBAF has called upon National Federations to nominate up to 4 umpires for upcoming IBAF tournaments. The 2011 calender will see 3 events, the IBAF Baseball World Cup (BWC), the IBAF 16U Baseball World Championship and also the IBAF 12U Baseball World Championship. The documents can be found at the following link. Link

Office Update
Rome’s IBAF Presidential office is now fully functional. The satellite office will supplement the IBAF headquarters in the Olympic Capital of Lausanne and allow President Fraccari and Executive Director Fabbricini greater access to the day to day operations of the organization and greater communication with the headquarters in Lausanne.

IBAF Headquarter
Maison du Sport International – IBAF
54, Avenue de Rhodanie
CH-1007 Lausanne – Switzerland
Email ibaf.office@ibaf.org
Telephone (+41-21) 318 82 40
Fax (+41-21) 318 82 41

IBAF Presidential Office
Via G. Calderini 68
IT-00196 Rome – Italy
Email ibaf.office@ibaf.org
Telephone (+39-06) 895 618 59

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