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Jul '14 15

Honkbalweek hosted Reception for 50 Ex-Internationals

by Pim van Nes

The annual reception for ex-international players and coaches of the Netherlands national team and for ex-international umpires was held yesterday in Pim Mulier stadium, home for the Honkbalweek tournament in Haarlem.

Fifty faithful former players had confirmed to their federation to attend the reception, which took place before the third game of the present national team. Among them Bart Volkerijk, last century pitcher for ADO in The Hague but presently president of World Port Tournament in Rotterdam, Hamilton Richardson slugger and outfielder for Sparta in Rotterdam and true traveller across the Atlantic Ocean to meet his former team mates, Rikkert Faneyte the tiny Giant from San Francisco where he played Major League games, junior ex-international Reily Legito still hitting homeruns for Neptunus in Rotterdam, still national hitting record holder Marcel Joost, rare eastern star Bertil Haage from distant Tex Town Tigers, local magic pitcher Nol Beenders from Kinheim’s Aktie-68 years, father Adonis Kemp with a son (Dwayne) active in present national team, father Cees and son Eric de Bruijn each from his own episode, brothers Robert and Boudewijn Maat from same episode, frequent fan in present Honkbalweek Herman Beidschat supporting his mature cheering girls and last not least Hudson John, whose name was given to traditional spring tournaments hosted by Sparta/Feyenoord and since 2013 by ADO Lakers.

Missing on the list, released by KNBSB to Mister-Baseball.com last night, was former Neptunus, Nicols and Yankees player Robert Eenhoorn. He is still technical director baseball for national federation KNBSB, but he will leave his since childhood beloved baseball for a same kind of position with professional soccer club AZ Alkmaar. AZ wanted to employ him as per July 1, but Eenhoorn postponed his transfer to soccer till after next September’s European Championship for national baseball teams.

As technical director Eenhoorn has lost all European Championships in finale games versus Italy in Stuttgart and Rotterdam. He admits to be eager to prevent a clean sweep in his third European top clash, before abandon baseball. Last night during the game between Netherlands national team and a strong selection of Japanese college players, Eenhoorn was spotted in KNBSB hospitality box, where he hosted his future soccer superior: the USA ex-international soccer player Earny Stewart.

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