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Oct '08 20

New Great Britain Baseball Scorers Association Website

by Joe Gray

GBBSA website re-launched with domestic and national team history sections

The expanded and updated website of the Great Britain Baseball Scorers Association is now online, at www.gbbsa.org.uk. The site continues to contain information for baseball scorers and is still the place to find statistics for the National Baseball League South, but there are several major additions to the website.

Domestic historical stats
Season stats have been made available for Southern top-tier baseball from 1995 to 2008, and this has enabled single-season records to be established for the South. These season stats have in turn been combined into career stats, and career records have been determined from these. In addition to a sortable career stats spreadsheet, a biographies section has been created, which permits a quick search for a statistical overview of domestic players.

National team history
The new website includes a year-by-year history of the Great Britain national team (based on the research of Josh Chetwynd), and, early next year, biographies of national team players, both past and present, will be also published.

Project Cobb
The Project for the Chronicling of British Baseball (Project Cobb) has been launched as part of the new website and can be found at www.gbbsa.org.uk/cobb.html. The aim of Project Cobb is to serve as a central place to unify the different pieces of research into the history of British baseball, to publicize research efforts, to make findings available in the public domain, and to promote record keeping. On the Project Cobb webpage, there is a central research registry and a list of project collaborators.

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