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Mar '13 15

And the good (Dutch) baseball news keeps pouring in!

2013 World Baseball Classic, News - Dutch National Teams Comments Off on And the good (Dutch) baseball news keeps pouring in!

By Peter Laanen from San Francisco

Wow, the Dutch national baseball team beat the San Diego Padres yesterday 9-3, a true major league baseball team, in the division of the San Francisco Giants. And another important player was added to the mix; Kenley Jansen, pitcher of the hated (in San Francisco) Los Angeles Dodgers. So we might play the Dominican Republic on Monday. I’ve got to say I was impressed by the way they beat team USA. Kudos! However, we ousted them in 2009, why not do it again?! Come what may, we’ll have an after party and will try to revamp an existing venue into a true Holland House with original Dutch music, including a tad of EDM. Since we want it close to the stadium, my first thoughts went to AT&T Park’s built in Public House:

‘Holland’ over ‘Public’ and we’re all set! Oops, for those who do not reside in the Bay Area; AT&T Park is the San Francisco Giants’ home ballpark. Being former President has its advantages, but also some burdens. People think that I have tons of free tickets; NOT! People want me to sit next to them to explain the game. I will, in between cheering and yelling uplifting remarks (only for the Dutch team though). Our Spanish exchange student will translate remarks from the Dominican bench that we’ll try to reverse into short songs. So beautiful! But let’s try to take a short nap this evening because the Consul General, Bart van Bolhuis, my co-worker, Curacao native Natasha Chatlein et moi will pick up the national team and coaches from SFO International around 1.30 AM; after their Seattle Mariners game in Peoria, AZ. The things we do for love!


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