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Nov '15 18

GM Andrea D’Auria officially announces Team Europe Roster for Asia Winter League

Italian Players in AWL

General Manager Andrea D’Auria has released the official roster for Team Europe, which will compete in the Asia Winter League from mid-November to mid-December. 15 pitchers, three catchers, six infielders and six outfielders will travel to Taiwan to compete against teams from CPBL, NPB and KBO. The coaching staff consists of Gilberto Gerali (Italy) as manager, Renny Duarte (Spain) as pitching coach, Ivan Rodriguez (The Netherlands) as infield coach and Eugene Kingsale (The Netherlands) as outfield coach.

Pitchers: (15) Andreozzi (Italy, 1993), Cespedes (France, 1994), Crepaldi (Italy, 1992), Dickman (Germany, 1996), Fabiani (Italy, 1997), Fracchiolla (Italy, 1991), Gojkovic (Croazta, 1995), Huder (The Netherlands, 1993), Ozanich (France, 1989), Rietel (The Netherlands, 1995), Sanchez (Spain, 1996), Schel (The Netherlands, 1993), Schutte (The Netherlands, 1997), Sheldon (Italy, 1994), Thieben (Germany, 1993)
Catchers: (3) Deotto (Italy, 1995), Howard (Germany, 1989, Mineo (Italy, 1994)
Infielders: (6) Chroust (Czech Republic, 1991), Noguera (Italy, 1991), Gerard (The Netherlands, 1992), Martone (Italy, 1992), Mercuri (Italy, 1994), Weijgerste (The Netherlands, 1991)
Outfielders: (6) Buelens (Belgium, 1995), Ehmke (Germany, 1994), Fernandes (The Netherlands, 1992), Giordani (Italy, 1997), Urving Kemp (The Netherlands, 1993), Sebastiano Poma (Italy, 1993)

Photo by Ezio Ratti/FIBS: Gianny Fracchiolla, Gerali, Freddy Noguera, Filippo Crepaldi and Alberto Mineo (left to right)

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