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May '19 04

Gilberto Gerali gathers Italian National Team in Bologna on May 15

Manager Gilberto Gerali is gathering 21 players of the Italian National Team in Bologna on May 15 for a quick training camp and test game. The exhibition match at the ballpark of Unipol Bologna will take place at 7pm. It’s the first practice of the national team on Italian soil after Italy’s Spring Training trip to Arizona.


1 Aldegheri Mattia P 1949 Parma BC
2 Aldegheri Samuel P ASD Baseball Team Verona/ASD S. Martino Junior
3 Ambrosino Paolino Jr OF BC Castenaso
4 Andretta Maurizio P BC Castenaso
5 Bassani Alex P Fortitudo Baseball Bologna
6 Ciarla Alessandro P ASD BSC Godo
7 Clemente Nicolò P Fortitudo Baseball Bologna
8 Coveri Ludovico P ASD San Marino Baseball
9 Giordani Federico OF ASD San Marino Baseball
10 Koutsoyanopulos Aldo OF 1949 Parma BC
11 Loardi Niccolò Maria OF BC Castenaso
12 Mercuri Mattia IF 1949 Parma BC
13 Paolini Ricardo Segundo IF 1949 Parma BC
14 Pizziconi Andrea P Fortitudo Baseball Bologna
15 Pulzetti Luca IF ASD San Marino Baseball
16 Sabbatani Marco C BC Castenaso
17 Sambucci Alex IF 1949 Parma BC
18 Scotti Claudio P Fortitudo Baseball Bologna
19 Trinci Mario C ASD San Marino Baseball
20 Tucci Oscar P Macerata Angels BC
21 Vaglio Alessandro IF Fortitudo Baseball Bologna

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