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Sep '07 16

Germany over Great Britain 7-5

Germany unlike in games before was the better team early in the game. They scored 2 runs in the first. The key hit was a double by Simon GUHRING and another run in the top of the 2nd to make it 3-0.

But Great Britain came right back and scored 2 runs on a hit by McQUEARY that scored ROBERTS who got on with a 2-base hit. The British bats became hotter during the cause of the game and German Starter HUGHES had more and more trouble getting the UK Batters out. In the 4th inning the British team scored 2 more runs and jumped ahead 4-3. That was all for HUGHES who was removed after 4 innings and replaced by Dirk FRIES.

The German offense was quiet from the 3nd to the 6th inning. In the 7th the Germans looked sharp again and scored 2 runs on Pitcher Stephen SPRAGG who took over the mound in the 7th with no outs from Starter Alex SMITH. After Great Britain scored a run in their half of the 7th it was tied at 5-5.

In the 8th Germany started a 2-out rally to take the lead 7-5. JANZON got hit by pitch, followed by Walk and two singles by WULF and SPEER. German relief pitcher MARQUEZ held the Brits down in the 8th and 9th Inning and recorded the win.

In their last game these teams now face the Netherlands (Great Britain) and France (Germany). Germany must win to stay in the race for place 2 & 3. Great Britain can afford a loss against the Netherlands and still stay in front of Germany.

==> If Spain, GBR and Germany are tied for 2nd place (might happen) then it looks good for the British and Spain because Germany suffered a huge loss against Spain yesterday. The runs given up is the tiebraker if 3 teams are tied and each team is 1-1 against those tied opponents.

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