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Feb '17 16

Gabriel Fidler interviews Padua’s Mark Teahen

Gabriel Fidler, who is an occasional writer for Mister-Baseball.com, did an interview with Mark Teahen. The former Major Leaguer has signed with Tommasin Padua and will come out of retirement to play in the Italian Baseball League this summer.

EI: It sounds like you’ve considered baseball in Italy before.
MT: I went over to do look into it in 2014 after a friend told me about it. I tried out for most of the Italian clubs, actually except for Padua [Padova]. Since then, I’ve always wished that I had done it. It just wasn’t the right time then.

EI: What was your reaction when Padua contacted you?
MT: We assessed it for the family. I wasn’t really just sitting at home with Sorso and the family! We didn’t really think we could do it at first.

EI: So what made you go for it?
MT: We had a charity event that hadn’t gone exactly as expected. After the charity event had wrapped, we had a lunch that turned into dinner and over the course of the day we talked to everyone we needed to cover us in our absence. Everything we thought would restrict us ended up sorting it out.

Read the full interview here

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