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Sep '09 21

Final Standings 2nd Round Baseball World Cup, 3rd coming up

Two make-up games on Monday in Bologna and Vicenza concluded the second round of the 2009 Baseball World Cup. Team USA secured first seed in Pool G with a walk-off victory over Australia, which stayed in second. Italy also won with the last play against Netherlands Antilles, moving up the ladder into fifth. But both teams didn’t make the jump to the 3rd round anyway. The second round portion in the Netherlands ended already on Sunday with the Dutch team taking first place in front of Puerto Rico, Cuba and Venezuela. Canada and Taiwan also qualified for the next round, which will be played in Grosseto, Nettuno, Firenze, Chieti and Messina, Italy.

Final Standings 2nd Round:
Pool F:

  1. Netherlands 6-1
  2. Puerto Rico 6-1
  3. Cuba 6-1
  4. Venezuela 3-4
  5. South Korea 3-4
  6. Nicaragua 2-5
  7. Spain 2-5
  8. Great Britain 0-7

Pool G:

  1. USA 7-0
  2. Australia 5-2
  3. Canada 5-2
  4. Taiwan 5-2
  5. Italy 2-5
  6. Japan 2-5
  7. Mexico 2-5
  8. Netherlands Antilles 0-7

Standings 3rd Round:
Pool F:

  1. Netherlands 2-1
  2. Puerto Rico 2-1
  3. Cuba 2-1
  4. Venezuela 0-3

Pool G:

  1. USA 3-0
  2. Australia 1-2
  3. Canada 1-2
  4. Taiwan 1-2

(Teams carry only records against respective advancing teams into 3rd round)

Schedule 3rd Round:
Tuesday, September 22:
20:00 Cuba – Australia (in Grosseto)
20:00 Puerto Rico – Canada (in Nettuno)
20:00 USA – Venezuela (in Firenze)
20:00 Netherlands – Taiwan (in Messina)

Complete Schedule, Live Play by Play

Live streams, Highlights on 2009BaseballWorldCup.com

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