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Sep '07 14

Euro 2007: What to expect today

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There are 2 morning games in Barcelona and 1 night game.

Sweden goes into the final round with a record of 0-2 (losses against Germany and Netherlands). The face Great Britain who are 2-0 (wins against France and Spain). Great Britain right now is the biggest challenger of the Dutch team and is in a must win situation to stay in the race. Sweden is a good team who started out bad in their first game against Germany and since then has shown progress. Any win they get in the final round will be a big plus for them. ==> Great Britain is favoured, 70-80% win for the UK team

The Netherlands (2-0) will face France (0-2) in Montjuic. Anything else than a Dutch victory would be a huge suprise. France has played some good games (win vs. Italy!) but they will have to play 9 perfect innings to have a chance. Also France will most likely save their better pitchers for the games against Germany and Sweden. ==> +90% win for the Dutch team

In the evening Spain plays Germany in Montjuic. The Germans have played a good championship so far dominating Austria, Sweden and Czech Republic, taking a close one against Croatia and giving the Netherlands the only “real ballgame” so far (6-3 for the Netherlands). Spain has gotten stronger every game after a bad start against Great Britain who surprised them with an unexptected powerful lineup. The outcome will greatly depend on who the selected pitchers will be and what kind of day they will have. FIGUEROA (Spain, CF) is so hot right now that he is “almost burning” and the Spanish team has back their confidence. The Germans have to watch out not to give up a big inning like they did against the Netherlands and Croatia in order to stay in the game for as long as possible. If Germany plays a perfect game they have a chance, but Spain is favoured. ==> 70% win for Spain

This is how we predict them to finish right now:

1. Netherlands => 2 more tough games vs. UK and Spain but they will make it – one of the games could be a very close one

2. Great Britain => win vs Sweden, close one (but win) against Germany and a loss against the Dutch team

3. Spain => wins vs. Germany (could be close) and Sweden and a loss against the Netherlands

4. Germany => win against France (could be a good ballgame) and losses against UK and Spain (maybe……maybe they can take one of those games)

5. France => win vs Sweden, a good ballgame against Germany (but a loss) and a loss vs the Dutch team

6. Sweden => we do not see the Sweds get another win in this final round, but there is room for a surprise

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