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Aug '18 07

ESF releases Men’s Softball Europe Team for Exhibition against New Zealand

Press release European Softball Federation

On September 2nd, the World Champion – Black Sox will take on the newly established Team Europe.

This one-time event will be hosted in Havlíčkův Brod, the Czech Republic right after the Intercontinental Cup and right before the Men’s European Super Cup (both taking place in Prague). The exhibition game will be live-broadcast by Playo.tv at baseballsoftball.tv available for free.

Every country that participated in the 2016 Men’s Europeans had the right to nominate their player for Team Europe. In addition, Spain, and France were offered a spot since their clubs regularly take part in the Men’s European Super Cup.

“This is one of the stones of promotion of men’s fastpitch in Europe before the World Cup takes place in Europe for the first time in history next year. It also shows the development of men’s fastpitch in our continent. At this moment, we have twelve teams participating in this year’s Europeans, and I believe that we can get to 18 or 20 teams quite easily. Team Europe should be a great tool for promotion of men’s fastpitch for every single country that has its player on the team,” said Gabriel Waage, president of the European Softball Federation.



Kim Hansen (Denmark )
Kyle Linton (Great Britain)
Michael Holobrádek (Czech Republic)


David Mertl (Czech Republic)
Fabio Origlia (Italy)


Václav Svoboda (Czech Republic)
Frederik Terkelsen (Denmark)
Eldrick Dijkhof (Netherlands)
Emeron Lourens (Netherlands)
Bar Shrim (Israel)


Valdemar Terkelsen (Denmark)
Wout Cnops (Belgium)
Hrvoje Jerbic (Croatia)

Utility players:

Patrik Kolkus (Czech Republic)
Daniel Julenon (Denmark)
Ryan Martin (Great Britain)
Felix Schwan (Germany)
Anthony Cros (France)
Tomas Orlando Diaz Barrera (Spain)
Kalle Hjelm (Sweden)

There were four spots reserved for each of the two traditionally strongest men’s fastpitch countries in Europe – the Czech Republic, and Denmark. The Netherlands and Great Britain got the chance to nominate two of their representatives. One spot was guaranteed for each one of the remaining countries.

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