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Jun '09 24

Czech National Team Roster at Prague Baseball Week with Eye on Baseball World Cup

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by www.baseballeurope.com

Press conference of CBA & Prague Baseball Week

Czech Baseball Association together with Eagles Prague baseball club, the organizer of Prague Baseball Week, organized on June 22 a press conference. This press conference takes place every year just before the Prague Baseball Week.

President of CBA officially welcomed all the journalists and introduced himself and present organizers and coaches: Jan Bagin (Eagles Prague, organizer of Prague Baseball Week), Lucie Čubíková (CBA, organizer of World Cup), Arnošt Nesňal (head coach of Czech National Team), Patrick Ahearne (pitching coach).

In the first part of the conference, Jan Bagin and Arnošt Nesňal were talking about the Prague Baseball Week. After that Petr Dietrich’s speech about World Cup 2009 followed.

Journalists asked mainly the ambition of Czech National Team both in Prague Baseball Week and in World Cup, organizing of World Cup and its structure, roster of Czech National Team and also foreign teams.

Prague Baseball Week is the last examination for the Czech National Team before World Cup. Head coach Arnošt Nesňal appointed 33 players, the most of whom will also be in a roster for the Baseball World Cup 2009.

During the tournament all the players will have an opportunity to play because the main aim is to prepare for the World Cup. It would be fine to win the tournament for the third time in a row, which has not managed any team yet.

Roster for Prague Baseball Week:

Baroch Petr (Kotlářka)
Blažek Jan (Kotlářka)
Bokaj Boris (Arrows Ostrava)
Budský Pavel (Draci Brno)
Černík Jakub (Skokani Olomouc)
Červinka Tomáš (Draci Brno)
Drábek Jan (Patriots Liberec)
Drong Martin (Skokani Olomouc)
Gál Jiří (Arrows Ostrava)
Hajtmar Jakub (Draci Brno)
Homolka Jan (Eagles Prague)
Hrušovský Karel (Draci Brno)
Hušek Matěj (Eagles Praha)
Chroust Radim (Draci Brno)
Jelínek Vojtěch (Express Brno)
Jonák Jakub (Eagles Prague)
Jurdzin Michal (Arrows Ostrava)
Kubát Leoš (Express Brno)
Marek Jiří (Draci Brno)
Minařík Petr (Draci Brno)
Mráz Daniel (Technika Brno)
Mráz Eduard (Titans)
Navrátil Aleš (Arrows Ostrava)
Němec Radek (Skokani Olomouc)
Ondráček Michal (Draci Brno)
Petřík Ondřej (Draci Brno)
Polanský Tomáš (Draci Brno)
Procházka Radek (Draci Brno)
Schneider Martin (Draci Brno)
Toufar Jakub (Draci Brno)
Veselý Martin (Draci Brno)
Voják Jakub (Skokani Olomouc)
Zýma Petr (Eagles Prague)

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