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Apr '10 28

Czech Extraleague Softball starts into 2010 Season

The Czech Extraleague Softball has kicked off its 2010 season last weekend with 16 games on two days. Defending champion SK Joudrs Prague already got off to a good start, winning all four games by out-scoring their opponents 51-2. SaBaT Prague is tied for first place with a 4-0 record as well. Chemie/Kotlarka Prague follow in third.

Results Czech Extraleague Softball:
April 24:
Joudrs Prague – Tempo Prague 8-1
Tempo Prague – Joudrs Prague 0-17
Chemie/Kotlarka Prague – SVS Plzen 6-1
SVS Plzen – Chemie/Kotlarka Prague 12-11
Eagles Prague – Cechie Prague 2-8
Cechie Prague – Eagles Prague 3-10
SaBaT Prague – PV Prague 7-0
PV Prague – SaBaT Prague 0-4

April 25:
Joudrs Prague – SVS Plzen 15-0
SVS Plzen – Joudrs Prague 1-11
Chemie/Kotlarka Prague – PV Prague 7-4
PV Prague – Chemie/Kotlarka Prague 3-9
SaBaT Prague – Eagles Prague 6-5
Eagles Prague – SaBaT Prague 4-7
Tempo Prague – Cechie Prague 0-7
Cechie Prague – Tempo Prague 6-7

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