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Oct '09 21

Czech Baseball Asociation files criminal Complaint in cause of hit Umpire

by Michal Hanus

Czech Baseball Association (followed as CBA) filed a criminal complaint on October 8th against Blake Cunningham (Technika Brno) for committing a serious injury. The CBA rates this cause polemic and will let a court inquiry to decide if his actions were intentional. CBA is also afraid that mentioned player would leave Czech Republic before a commission will solve this cause. The disciplinary commission of the CBA also is inquiring in this matter.

What happened on October 8th in the Extraleague semifinal series between Arrows Ostrava and Technika Brno? In the 4th inning player Cain Bumpstead (Technika) was ejected for misconduct. After the following discussions the first base coach of Technika also was ejected. The third out followed and defense and offense switched sites. During the pitcher’s warm ups for the next inning, the umpire was hit in the head with a pitch, which skipped on the dirt in front of home plate. The Umpire immediately was treated medically and EMS was called to transport him to a hospital in Ostrava.

The current condition of the umpire is positive. He underwent successful head surgery and it is the general believe that this incident will not have persistent effects for the umpire.

Mr. Cunningham wrote an open letter to explain his side of the story: PDF-File.

source: article on www.baseball.cz

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