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Jul '10 12

Croatian Roster for the 2010 European Championship

2010 European Championships, News - Croatian Baseball Leagues Comments Off on Croatian Roster for the 2010 European Championship

Croatia has revamped its national team roster for the upcoming European Championship in Stuttgart, Heidenheim and Neuenburg. In comparison to last year’s Baseball World Cup in Europe 13 new players have found their way on to the team.

However well-known naturalized pitchers Jimmy Summers and Ernesto Pereira as well as outfielder Slobodan Gales are still leading the team. Back on the team is also former Minnesota Twins minor leaguer Jason Pospishil who had missed the BWC. These key players will be joined by the new batter of pitcher Michael Lennox and catcher Benjamin Goldstrom, trying to make an impact for Croatia in Germany.

Before traveling to Stuttgart for their opener against Great Britain, Croatia will take part in the Prague Baseball Week from July 13 to 17, playing against two Czech teams, an American squad, Austria, Russia and Israel. A Q&A with general manager Krunoslav Karin will follow on Mister-Baseball on Tuesday.

Complete Roster Croatia:
Pitchers: Ernesto Pereira, Marin Farkaš, Matija Grofelnik, Matko Dabo, Michael Lennox, Danijel Levak, Marin Vukmirović, Denis Kresnik, James Summers, Grgur Marušić, Hrvoje Toljanić

Infielders: Igor Marčec, Stefan Rajačić, Jason Pospishil, Jasmin Hršak, Mario Manojlov, Pavao Karin

Catchers: Ivo Vukosav, Benjamin Goldstrom, Goran Lekić

Outfielders: Filip Berecka, Branko Nenadić, Ivan Račić, Slobodan Gales

Coaching Staff: Mladen Krpanec (Coach), Jeff Calderone (Manager), Krunoslav Karin (General Manager), Igor Segher (Trainer)

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