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Aug '09 07

Copa del Rey concludes Season in Spain

With the King and Queen Cup tournaments the Baseball and Softball season in Spain ends this weekend. The top four baseball clubs after the Division de Honor season will come together at the ballpark in Sant Boi for the “Copa del Rey”. The winner (or the runner up, if TENERIFE wins the title) grabs the second Spanish spot in next year’s European Cup. The TENERIFE MARLINS, CB SANT BOI, the FC BARCELONA and SAN INAZIO BILBAO will battle for the trophy to honor the Spanish king. The four best Softball teams in the country CBS ANTORCHA, CS VILADECANS, DRIDMA RIVAS and EGUZKI OBB hope to win the “Copa de la Reina” in Viladecans.

Schedule Copa del Rey:
in Sant Boi
Saturday, August 8:
12:00 Tenerife Marlins Puerto Cruz – San Inazio Bilbao
19:00 CB Sant Boi – FC Barcelona
Sunday, August 9:
09:00 Bronze Medal Match
12:00 Final

Schedule Copa de la Reina:
in Viladecans
Saturday, August 8:
10:00 CS Viladecans – Eguzki OBB (#1)
12:30 CBS Antorcha – Dridma Rivas  (#2)
15:30 Loser #1 – Loser #2 (#3)
18:00 Winner #1 – Winner #2 (#4)
Sunday, August 9:
10:00 Loser #4 – Winner #3 (#5)
12:30 Final: Winner #4 – Winner #5

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