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Feb '18 22

Catalunya Baseball Week: A week full of the best baseball

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Press release Catalonian Baseball and Softball Federation

POSTER-WEEK-OKWe are getting closer to the Catalunya Baseball Week, a week full of the most high-levelled baseball of Europe. Three categories and twelve teams from all around Europe will take part of this new tournament which will take place between the 16th and 18th of March for the youngest categories and between the 16th and the 20th of March for the most aged one. 

U12, the youngest

Starting for the youngest category, we find the U12. The Catalunya Baseball Week will handle a tournament between academies from all Europe. Specifically, the guests in this tournament will be the Prague Center Academy, from the Czech Republic, and the Deutsche Baseball Academy, who will face two teams from the Catalan Little League national team, which is starting to prepare this year’s national tournament.

U15, the middle category

During the same dates of the U12 tournament will take place the U15 competition. In the Catalunya Baseball Week plan, the U15 and the U12 series will take place simultaneously. In the U15 tournament we Will be able to see the fight between two teams from Europe, the Fortitudo from Bologna, Italy, and the KMC Ambassors, a mix of American and German players, who will face the U15 Catalunya Baseball Academy. This series will take place between the 16th and the 18th of March.

U18, the most international category

Finally, the tournament with the most teams in play is the U18 category, which is also the most international one, with four foreign clubs. In this series we will see two German teams, the Regensburg Academy and the Stuttgart Academy, a French team, the Pôle Toulouse, the Sweden Academy, and, of course, the home team, the Catalunya Baseball Academy. This tournament will start the same day of all the other series, the 16th of March, but, despite that, will end later, the 20th of the same month.

In March’s second week a new kind of tournament will reach Catalunya, full of the best academies baseball in Europe. The Catalunya Baseball Academy will take part as the home club, defending its place and trying to fight at the same level of all other academies from all around Europe.


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