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Nov '17 27

New Baseball Ballpark erected in Wroclaw, Poland


Press release Barons Wroclaw Baseball Club

After 15 years of trying’s final Wroclaw baseball community gets a brand new, fully equipped and full size Big Baseball Field. Everything thanks to over 12 000 votes given to Wroclaw Barons Baseball Club projects in past years in Wroclaw Civil Fund and thanks to the Wroclaw Civil Fund Team (Wroclaw Municipality Body), who together with Wroclaw Youth Sport Center Wroclaw Municipality Body) coordinate and facilitated the project.

Yes, baseball in Poland appears and Wroclaw and thanks to the effort the Wroclaw Baseball and Softball community is more and more visible in the whole Region. Located in South Ð West Poland Wroclaw city has over 700 000 inhabitants and is the capital of Lowe Silesia Region and is represented by the Barons team. In the 2018 year next to big field will be build also a softball field with turf surface in the infield. The big field is planned to be equipped in the nearest future with lighting system.

The results of Wroclaw Participation Fund confirmed the big need of a building the big baseball field and this what wasn’t be able to achieve in the past years finally arise in north part of Wroclaw.

Dreams come true for many baseball passionate in Wroclaw and it is a big moment to celebrate for the whole baseball Wroclaw society a and a sign that they have a significant influence on this what is happening in Wroclaw.

Baseball is a growing sport in Poland but and unfortunately it has still very low popularity. In Wroclaw is working a Baseball Academy that trains the youth from each year category.

Thanks to winning the polish cup in the past season Barons Wroclaw team qualified to CEB Confederation Cup Qualifier in 2018 year.

Thanks to new field to Wroclaw will come back the games of Polish Top League and Final of Polish Cup.

The lack of the field was always our biggest trouble. Now we are in much more comfortable situation then we where in past years, we have now good conditions to train especially the youth. The next step is to exceed the number of players in all age categories and use our big field and game days as an engine of promotion of Baseball in our city. We are now in the moment of searching a person who loves baseball as much as we do and will help us to expand rapidly Baseball society in Wroclaw. Especially we need to find funds to employ professional trainers and enlarge the stuff working with the Youth. This is our priority and our future Ð explains Marek Kozio? Ð the general secretary of Barons Wroclaw

The dimension of the field is: left field Ð 103 meters, center field Ð 110 meters, right field Ð 93 meters. High of Homerun fence Ð 2,5 meters.
The field is equipped with 2 batting cages and 2 bullpens each side and an electronical score board.

The field is fully owned by the Wroclaw City.

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