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Feb '10 24

Ballpark News from Sicily, Rimini and Milan

Sicily: At the beginning of the week it became public that the Catania Warriors Paternò currently doesn’t have a ballpark available, which meets the criteria for the Italian Baseball League. The club would like to play in the province Catania and have submitted Palermo as its home field. However they would need to make necessary adjustments to the ballpark until Opening Day in April. They hope changes will be done right in time. If not, the ballpark in Messina, which is also located in Sicily, should be an alternative since it meets the standards after hosting Baseball World Cup games last September.

Rimini: The ballpark in Rimini also had to undergo minor renovations during the winter. Due to this Telemarket Rimini will open on the road for the first two weeks of the season.  They worked on the lights, the padding of the outfield fence and the electric system.

Milan: Milan Baseball president Marco Giulianelli met with US Consul Carol Perez and local sports commissioner Alan Rizzi to discuss the future of the J.F. Kennedy Baseball Stadium in Milan. All parties are optimistic that the recent developments will lead to the renovations of the ballpark to meet the standards, set by the International Baseball Federation (IBAF) and necessary criteria for the Italian Baseball League.

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