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May '18 29

Austria names 24 Player Roster for European Championship Playoff

The Austrian Baseball Federation (ABF) announced their roster for the European Championship Playoff against Lithuania. 24 players were selected for the best-of-three series from June 29 to July 1 in Wiener Neustadt. The winner of the series will qualify for the 2019 European Championship in Bonn and Solingen, Germany.

Austria’s roster for European Championship Playoff:

  • Alzinger Richard (Vienna Homerunners)
  • Cichocki Clemens (Hard Bulls)
  • Dorffner David (Vienna Homerunners)
  • Eckel Phillip (Traiskirchen Grasshoppers)
  • Frick Joachim (BSC Dornbirn Indians)
  • Hackl Moritz (Stockerauer Cubs)
  • Hackl Samuel (Vienna Homerunners)
  • Hirnschal Fabian (Vienna Wanderers)
  • Hoscher Christoph (Vienna Wanderers)
  • Letouze Thierry (Vienna Homerunners)
  • Loeffler Dominik (Vienna Homerunners)
  • Obed Ferdinand (Wr. Neustadt Diving Ducks)
  • Rupp Ryan (Athletics Attnang-Puchheim)
  • Salzmann Benjamin (Vienna Homerunners)
  • Scheicher Matthias(Wr. Neustadt Diving Ducks)
  • Scheicher Moritz (Wr. Neustadt Diving Ducks)
  • Schermer Tobias (BSC Kufstein Vikings)
  • Seidl Alex (Stockerauer Cubs)
  • Seiser Claus (Vienna Homerunners)
  • Talir Dominik (Stockerauer Cubs)
  • Tomsich Christian (Vienna Wanderers)
  • Vanas Christoph (Vienna Wanderers)
  • Wenger-Oehn Maximilian (Vienna Wanderers)
  • Winder Marcel (Hard Bulls)


  • Paul Astl (Schwaz Tigers)
  • Marcel Jäger (BSC Dornbirn Indians)
  • Didier Letouze (Vienna Homerunners)
  • Tobias Kiefer (Traiskirchen Grasshoppers)

Coaching Staff

  • Headcoach – Hiroyuki Sakanashi (JAP)
  • Assistant Coach – Owen Reid (USA)
  • Pitching Coach – Adam Koontz (USA)
  • Bench Coach – Peter Ferak Jr. (AUT)
  • Physiotherapeut – Daniel Mayer (AUT)
  • Team Manager – Robert Buchelt (AUT)

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