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Dec '07 27

Analysing Numbers: Italian Baseball

After looking at the numbers in the Dutch Major League, we are going to Italy in today’s edition.

The Italian Baseball League is one of the more balanced leagues in Europe. The four top-ranked clubs after the regular season, Cariparma Parma, Italeri Fortitudo Bologna, Montepaschi Grosseto and Caffe Danesi Nettuno, were separated by just three games. Grosseto won the championship, defeating Nettuno in seven dramatic games.

The 2007 season was dominated by good pitching. Cariparma all teams with a batting average of .281. Bologna was second with .268. Only De Angelis Godo (4.34) and Avigliana Baseball 5.79) had higher ERA’s than 3.67. The pitchers of Grosseto were the best with an ERA of 2.49.

Top 5 Team Batting Average:
Cariparma Parma .281
Italeri Fortitudo Bologna .268
Caffe Danesi Nettuno .265
T&A San Marino .259
Montepaschi Grosseto .258

Top 5 Team Earned Run Average:
Montepaschi Grosseto 2.49
Italeri Fortitudo Bologna 2.58
Telemarket Rimini 2.86
Caffe Danesi Nettuno 3.06
Cariparma Parma 3.38

Max DI BIASE (T&A San Marino), who finished second in the batting race at the Baseball World Cup in Taiwan, won the batting title in Italy with an average of .360. Juan CAMILO (Caffe Danesi Nettuno) led the league with eight homeruns and 38 RBI. Orlando MUNOZ was first with 34 runs scored. Jorge Marte NUNEZ (Montepaschi Grosseto) stole 26 bases.

Top 5 Individual Batting Average:

(Minimum 100 at-bats)
Max DI BIASE (T&A San Marino) .360 (1 HR, 17 R, 20 RBI)
Giuseppe MAZZANTI (Caffe Danesi Nettuno) .345 (5 HR, 27 R, 20 RBI)
Francis SOTO ALVAREZ (Italeri Fortitudo Bologna) .340 (4 HR; 32 R, 18 RBI)
Williams VASQUEZ COLMENAREZ (Avigliana Baseball) .338 (7 HR, 25 R, 24 RBI)
David DALLOSPEDALE (Montepaschi Grosseto) .333 (1 HR, 27 R, 20 RBI)

Six pitchers (minimum 42 IP) had an ERA lower than 2.00. Junior OBERTO (Montepaschi Grosseto) was the leader with an ERA of 1.44. Jesus MATOS (Italeri Fortitudo Bologna) was the only one, who reached the ten-win-mark. Juan FIGUEROA (T&A San Marino) was the strikeouts leader with 100.

Top 5 Individual Earned Run Average:
(Minimum 42 innings pitched)
Junior OBERTO (Montepaschi Grosseto) 1.44 (8-2, 100 IP, 77 SO)
Javier ORTIZ (Cariparma Parma) 1.71 (8-3, 84 IP, 65 SO)
Jesus MATOS (Italeri Fortitudo Bologna) 1.77 (10-3, 91.2 IP, 89 SO)
Sandy PATRONE (Telemarket Rimini) 1.91 (8-3, 84.2 IP, 87 SO)
Matteo D’ANGELO (Italeri Fortitudo Bologna) 1.94 (7-2, 74.1 IP, 62 SO)

Complete Statistics at official website of Italian Baseball and Softball Federation

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  1. Comment by Donald landolphi
    January 17, 2008 | 6:10 pm

    Can not get on Italian website. A page requiring registration keeps coming up. Problem is I do not understand all the areas that they request because I can not translate them. Many are represented by single letters. This is new, because I have been viewing the web site for years. Can you help?
    Thank you.

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