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Feb '13 04

Schedule announced for B-Level European Championship in Zurich

The Technical Commission of the Confederation of European Baseball (CEB) released the confirmed schedule for the B-Level European Championship in Zurich, Switzerland this weekend. The six-team event will be played from Monday, July 22 to Saturday, July 27, 2013 at the Heerenschuerli in Zurich. Games during the preliminary phase are scheduled for 10.30am, 2.30pm and 6.30pm CET. The final game is set for Saturday at 1pm. Slovenia, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Great Britain and Switzerland are participating in Zurich. The winner will receive a spot in the 2014 European Championship in the Czech Republic.

Date Field Time Game
Monday 1 Heerenschurli 10.30 Slovenia Ukraine
22. Jul 13 2 Heerenschurli 14.30 Poland Bulgaria
3 Heerenschurli 19.00 Switzerland Great Britain
Tuesday 4 Heerenschurli 10.30 Bulgaria Slovenia
23. Jul 13 5 Heerenschurli 14.30 Great Britain Poland
6 Heerenschurli 18.30 Ukraine Switzerland
Wednesday 7 Heerenschurli 10.30 Great Britain Slovenia
24. Jul 13 8 Heerenschurli 14.30 Ukraine Bulgaria
9 Heerenschurli 18.30 Poland Switzerland
Thursday 10 Heerenschurli 10.30 Great Britain Ukraine
25. Jul 13 11 Heerenschurli 14.30 Poland Slovenia
12 Heerenschurli 18.30 Switzerland Bulgaria
Friday 13 Heerenschurli 10.30 Ukraine Poland
26. Jul 13 14 Heerenschurli 14.30 Bulgaria Great Britain
15 Heerenschurli 18.30 Slovenia Switzerland
Saturday 16 Heerenschurli 13.00       #1       #2
27. Jul 13

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