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May '12 14

Riccardo Fraccari sets record straight in response to Interview with Martin Miller

On April 25 Mister-Baseball.com published an interview with former CEB President Martin Miller, who resigned suddenly during the CEB Congress in Rotterdam a month earlier. Riccardo Fraccari, President of the International Baseball Federation (IBAF) and of the Italian Baseball and Softball Federation (FIBS), asked to respond to a quote by Miller in the Q&A. Since Mister-Baseball.com is open to all opinions in European and International Baseball we obviously grant this wish.

Riccardo Fraccari’s statement:

I write here to help set the record straight with regard to some unfounded statements within the article, “Martin Miller in a Q&A after his resignation as CEB president.”

A few months ago, when I was heading to NYC for a meeting with MLB, I met with Martin (upon his request) at the Munich airport during a stopover. He asked me what I thought about his candidacy for re-election. I told him very clearly that he shouldn’t be asking me what I think, but that he should be addressing this to the CEB National Federations and especially those that represent the driving force of European Baseball. I did, however, offer an opinion on the matter, expressing that CEB in recent years has basically limited itself to the organization of championships, all the while, nothing has been done in terms of development, or in terms of consolidating the high level of baseball, in order for it to become a locomotive that takes the entire European baseball movement to a higher level.

Martin acknowledged this feedback, and so I suggested that he set up a meeting with the top-tier European baseball NFs, in order to discuss and obtain these valued opinions and weigh possible solutions to this stagnation.

In response to this, Martin attempted to convene the said meeting in Rotterdam prior to the Congress. He ultimately was unable to coordinate this meeting with the NF delegates—a meeting that I had planned to attend, as I flew into Amsterdam a few hours earlier.

The next day during the Congress, he resigned unexpectedly and excused himself from the Congress after he had presented several delicate statute amendment proposals en bloc.

And that has led us to the current situation where the elected 1st Vice President, Petr Ditrich from the Czech Republic, is now acting president.

Riccardo Fraccari


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