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Jul '15 01

KNBSB announces Roster for 2015 World Port Tournament in Rotterdam

From July 18 to 26 the World Port Tournament will take place at Family Stadium in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Association (KNBSB) now has announced the roster for the Dutch National Team. Manager Steve Janssen nominated 24 players for the tournament including veteran pitcher Rob Cordemans, last year’s best pitcher at the European Championship Mike Bolsenbroek and former Minor Leaguer Nick Urbanus. Dudley Leonora and Christian Diaz will make their national team debut. Janssen is going to be assisted by Mike Hartley, Ben Thijssen, Evert-Jan’t Hoen, Sidney de Jong and Wim Martinus.


Pitchers: Rob Cordemans (L&D Amsterdam), Diegomar Markwell (Curaçao Neptunus), Tom Stuifbergen (Corendon Kinheim), Orlando Yntema (Curaçao Neptunus), Kevin Heijstek (L&D Amsterdam), Mike Bolsenbroek (Regensburg, Duitsland), Berry van Driel (Curaçao Neptunus), Kevin Kelly (Curaçao Neptunus), Loek van Mil (Curaçao Neptunus), Arshwin Asjes (Corendon Kinheim), Bayron Cornelisse (Vaessen Pioniers).

Catchers: Dashenko Ricardo (Corendon Kinheim), Gianison Boekhoudt (Curaçao Neptunus), Quintin de Cuba (Veassen Pioniers)

Infielders: Dudley Leonora (Corendon Kinheim), Michael Duursma (L&D Amsterdam), Dwayne Kemp (Curaçao Neptunus), Kevin Moesquit (Corendon Kinheim), Stijn van der Meer(Curaçao Neptunus), Nick Urbanus (L&D Amsterdam)

Outfielders: Shaldimar Daantji (Curaçao Neptunus), Danny Rombley (Vaessen Pioniers), Gilmer Lampe (UVV), Christian Diaz (Curaçao Neptunus).

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