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Aug '12 17

Jason Halman has been released from Detention in Rotterdam

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by Pim van Nes

Pending the official verdict by the court in Rotterdam on August 30, the judge decided yesterday to release Jason Halman (23) from detention immediately.

The Public Ministry had requested to withdraw prosecution for stabbing Jason’s brother Gregory Halman fataly on Monday November 21, 2011. Psychological research during detention has proven that Jason was incompetent for his behaviour in November due to mental depression and use of cannabis. As a baseball player he had left his home town club Corendon Kinheim in Haarlem in order to join DOOR Neptunus in Rotterdam, where he had been studying since a year.

Jan Collins, first team manager of Neptunus, told Mister-Baseball.com during the farewell ceremony a week later in Haarlem, that during the first meeting with his new team mates in their Familie Stadium, he had welcomed the new player but also suggested Jason to relax and to stay in the dugout and simply watch how the selection handled their routine work-out. According to Collins, long time player and coach for the successful club in Rotterdam, Jason Halman was over-reacting that evening, which turned out to be the last field experience before the fatal explosion in the night from next Sunday to Monday.

During those last few days before the tragedy between the two Halman brothers, Jason spoke continuously about bad happenings in the past still disturbing him and issued strange messages on Facebook. His mother Hanny Suidgeest and father Eddy Halman came from Haarlem to Rotterdam and sat down with their two sons to find a solution for the mental depression Jason was suffering from. They approached medical assistance in Rotterdam, but preventive action seemed to be impossible at short term. Gregory Halman, pro player with Seattle Mariners, was on winter leave in the Netherlands and would take care of his younger brother and soul mate Jason.

They lived in the same Rotterdam appartment building with connecting stairway, where each had his own floor. Gregory and girl-friend Genevieve waited till Jason was quiet in his appartment and went to sleep. They were woken up a few hours later, as Jason had left the building and was knocking on the front door. They let him back in at 4 a.m. and when the couple wanted to sleep again, Jason turned up the volume of his music. After a few words between the two brothers about the inconvenience, Jason walked up the stairway to his brother’s appartment and swang with a knife. The accident was fatal for the stronger of the two brothers and Jason left the building and was arrested by the police.

Algemeen Dagblad journalist Sander Sonnemens attended the court session yesterday and described the family and friends’ enthusiasm about the immediate release for Jason as if they cheered for a home run. Mother Hanny Suidgeest wants to find a way for her and her son to go ahead in life. Her ex-husband Eddy Halman stated that in one night he lost two sons and now in one morning he gets one back. Jason had cooperated very well during psychological tests by behaviour experts of Pieter Baan Centrum, which reported that it was quite evident that Jason suffered from a psychosis and a manic depression. Jason had to promise that he would follow mental care volunteerly and faithfully.

The day of August 16 started with the first ever perfect game for Seattle Mariners early in the morning, before noon Jason Halman was released by Dutch Justice and in the evening Corendon Kinheim beat DOOR Neptunus 4-2 in game 1 of Holland Series.

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