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May '16 11

Euro League Baseball forced to postpone next week’s games

The Euro League Baseball (ELB) issued a press release on Tuesday morning (see below) announcing that they are postponing next week’s games between Amsterdam Baseball and Draci Brno. The announcement came after the Confederation of European Baseball (CEB) sent a letter to Dutch Hoofdklasse club and European Champions Cup participant L&D Amsterdam that they wouldn’t be allowed to use any players in the European Champions Cup, who are competing for Amsterdam Baseball in the ELB.

Afterwards L&D Amsterdam obviously had to follow the CEB letter and revoked the permissions for their players to compete in the ELB. The permission withdrawal by the Pirates however is only temporarily for now and we should expect that the permission will be given again after the European Champions Cup is played in the first week of June. Nonetheless re-scheduling even these two games is going to be a tough task for the ELB organizers with a packed calendar in domestic and European competitions.

Press Release Euro League Baseball

(Amsterdam)- The management of Euro League Baseball and Team Amsterdam have decided to postpone the games of Team Amsterdam which were scheduled for May 15 and 16.

The reason for this, is the odd move of CEB (European Federation) to inform L&D Amsterdam that its players may not be eligible to play European Cup (EC) games if they participate in the ELB.

All the players participating in the European Cups shall be:
– regularly registered with their club.
– regularly registered in the national competition with their club the running year, with which they participate in the European Cup competition. The player is not allowed to play for another team in the running year till the start of the European Cups.
In case of a complaint, the information received by C.E.B. from the National Federation, will rule.

The original reason for the introduction of the rule was to ban competition fraud, which is not the case in this particular situation. In the past, there has been similar situations which didn’t lead to disqualification. It’s comparable with college players returning to their parent club in Europe.

Despite we’re convinced that the rule is misused to put pressure on L&D Amsterdam to drop out, we can’t ask the team’s management to take the risk of losing players’ eligibility.

This is a big disappointment since the KNBSB (Dutch Federation) recently informed all involved parties that it agreed on the participation of its members in Team Amsterdam.

It’s still not clear why the turnaround in the approach of the CEB came so unexpected and not before this weekend, while they previously informed us that they would follow the National Federations.

We’ll keep you informed about any developments regarding team Amsterdam and are grateful for the big support we’ve received. We still believe the team would be a great addition for European baseball and its fans.

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