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Jun '15 13

WBSC unveils first-ever logo for World Softball Day

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World Softball Day

Press Release World Baseball Softball Confederation

WBSC, the world’s governing body for baseball and softball, has unveiled a new logo in celebration of World Softball Day 2015 on Saturday, 13 June.

The official logo and look — created by branding experts The Works Ltd — is meant to represent the colours of the worlds flags mixing together and uniting for World Softball Day 2015. The dynamic and diverse shapes embrace each other, merging together through a spectrum of colours to form the central softball icon.

Said Executive Vice-President Dale McMann: “The WBSC is thrilled with this look, which, to us, reflects our sport’s energy, universality and inclusiveness — and connection to young people all around the world.”

The creation of World Softball Day itself by the world governing body was inspired by the 13 June 1991 announcement by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that women’s  softball would debut at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, USA. World Softball Day also pays tribute to Olympic Day, which is celebrated annually on 23 June.

For World Softball Day 2015, WBSC will be encouraging all its 141 national federations and individuals of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to participate in softball activities as part of a global initiative to put softball at the service of society to promote health, physical activity, social integration and international spirit, as well as to inspire future generations of boys and girls to seek excellence and become empowered through sport, and through softball.

“World Softball Day will be a time of celebration to promote an ideal that anybody in the world can become active in sport,” said WBSC Secretary General Ms. Beng Choo Low, “and that softball can serve as an attractive option as a lifelong sport because it can be enjoyed almost anywhere and by children as young as two years of age to those beyond their eighties.”

WBSC officials indicate that the World Softball Day 2015 has been set up to boost awareness that softball, along with baseball, is embraced by millions of people from diverse ethnic, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds in more the 140 nations around the world — and especially young people and females.

“With World Softball Day 2015, WBSC will continue building baseball/softball’s position together as a welcoming, inclusive and gender-balanced global sport,” said WBSC Executive Vice-President Dale McMann.

Social Media Campaign

People of all ages can share their World Softball Day experiences and selfies via Facebook and Twitter using the official hashtag #WorldSoftballDay and tagging @WBSC.

WBSC will be actively retweeting the “best of” World Softball Day quotes, posts and images throughout the celebration.

It will also be possible for the online community to post their softball 13 June festivities directly on the wall of the Official World Softball Day event page on Facebook.

“World Softball Day will keep our sport evolving and strengthen the connection with millions of young people everywhere and with today’s youth culture, which is increasingly mobile and digital,” said Low and McMann.

In 2014, World Softball Day was one of the top trending topics on Twitter on 13 June.

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