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Apr '09 13

Results Ukrainian Baseball Championship April 11/12

April 11:
RK DYuSSh-Dinamo(Simferopol, Ukraine) – ATMA(Kiev, Ukraine) 14-4
TNU-Tigers(Simferopol, Ukraine) – Diamant(Kirovograd, Ukraine) 10-0
KNTU (Kirovograd, Ukraine) – KVINT (Tiraspol, Pridnestrovie) 18-4

April 12:
KNTU (Kirovograd, Ukraine) – TNU-Tigers(Simferopol, Ukraine) 7-3
KVINT (Tiraspol, Pridnestrovie) – RK DYuSSh-Dinamo(Simferopol, Ukraine) 5-3
Diamant(Kirovograd, Ukraine) – ATMA(Kiev, Ukraine) 6-5

Standing after Round 1:

  1. KNTU (Kirovograd,Ukraine)
  2. TNU-Tigers
  3. Diamant(Kirovograd,Ukraine)
  4. RK DYuSSh-Dinamo(Simferopol,Ukraine)
  5. KVINT (Tiraspol, Pridnestrovie)
  6. ATMA(Kiev,Ukraine)

The top four teams advance to round two. KVINT and ATMA got relegated.

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